The India Club 'Friction'



All talks are free and take place at the venue. 
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Friday 18th May, 6pm
London’s Developing Frictions with Anna Minton

A conversation about the repercussions of the changing face of London’s built environment and how it is affecting all of us who live here. With neoliberal political and economic forces critically affecting the city and how it works, there are numerous community led actions seeking to disrupt, with new models of city-making that works against the smooth processes of capital and development to build a new London for all.

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Saturday 19th May, 2pm
India’s Oppositional Frictions with Guy Mannes-Abbott

In Gujarat, Eastern India, precarious tribal communities developed a Green Economic Zone to counter the frictionless machinery of Special Economic Zones, formed top-down by government and business and often to the detriment of the existing people. What lessons are there for a London over-run by the Opportunity Area vehicle of demolition and community displacement as witnessed across London, including Elephant and Castle’s Heygate Estate?

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Sunday 20th May, 2pm
Specular Assembly artist talk

Artist from the collective will discuss the exhibition, their relationship to the venue and its history and how the four years of this site-specific relationship has affected their working processes.

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